Crestron Programming

Crestron Masters Certified Programmer - Diamond (CMCP-D).

Since 2020, Avspire has held the highest level of certification in Crestron Programming. Our expertise is recognized at the annual Crestron Masters training and professional development conference, where we also contribute as instructors.

Q-SYS Programming

Proficient in all aspects of Q-SYS systems, including DSP design, control and UCI development, and sound system tuning and verification.


  • VisionSuite Seervision Commissioning (Level 2)
  • Q-SYS Advanced UCI
  • Q-SYS Control 201
  • VisionSuite ACPR Commissioning
  • Q-SYS (Level 2)
  • Q-SYS Reflect Technician

Rational Acoustics Smaart Suite

Smaart Operator (Level 1)

Commissioning using Smaart Suite with calibrated reference mics. Our investment in equipment, software and training allows us to correctly tune sound systems. We can provide verification of the speakers and DSP in a given environment.

Extron Programming

Extron Authorized Programmer EAP
Extron Control Professional

Extron DSP Setup and commissioning 


Audinate Dante Certified (Level 3) 

BiAmp Tesira DSP

BiAmp Tesira DSP Programming and Parle Mic commissioning


Shure DSP setup
Shure beamforming mic commissioning

Other relevant qualifications

ECS Card. Electrotechnical Certification Scheme. 

MinstISCVE. Member of the ISCVE